In Electrical & Instrument work the industrial facilities operated by the leading BP-SHELL-SOCAR-OPET-POAS companies in Petro-Chemical and Energy sector have completed the following projects as the authorized contractor company.

• ATAŞ Terminal Conversion Projects

• ATAŞ Integrity Management (IM) Project

• BP-Gemlik Terminal: Truck Filling Measurement Systems Modernization Works

• BP-Gemlik Terminal: E / I System Modernization Project

• BP Dortyol LPG Terminal: ATEX Application

• Shell Gas Terminal: Electrical System Installation Works Gas Detection System Installation

• OMV POAŞ Terminals (Derince LPG, Mersin, Antalya, Aliağa) E&I Authorized Contractor

• BP CurrentTek: Additive Injection. / Ethanol Storage and Truck Filling System Assemblies

• BP Yahşiyan: Truck Filling Measurement System Assemblies

• BP Diyarbakır: Additive System and Pump Assembly Works

• MIP (Mersin International Port) Fire Pump Maintenance Works

• OPET Mersin and Giresun Terminals Operational Support Term Contract

• BP Gemlik Oil Storage, Mixing and Packaging Plant Maintenance Works

• ATAŞ Bottom Filling Manufacturing and Assembly

• Shell & Turcas Antalya Terminal SCADA system design and installation works

• BTC Marpol-Verwater Electrical Instrument Assembly Works

Major Projects
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